As a responsible business, we regularly review our priorities and we listen to our stakeholders to ensure we’re focusing on the right areas. Communicating openly with employees, tenants, residents, customers, suppliers, partners, local and national authorities, and local community members helps inform our strategy and shapes our actions. Through a variety of formal and informal channels, we maintain open, two-way communication with our stakeholders to foster a culture of transparency and honesty.

Our most recent materiality assessment was completed in 2018, and identified 17 material areas for us to prioritise, which span across our environmental, social and economic impacts. This helped us understand which areas we are already managing well, as well as which areas to focus on in the future, which helped inform our strategy.

We update our materiality assessment every two years, and our 2020 update will include a wider variety of stakeholders than ever before.

In 2019 we also carried out a detailed peer group assessment and strategy review. Following this process, we have streamlined our Corporate Responsibility Group targets from 70+ down to just 20, which reflect our key priorities across our four focus areas. We also reviewed our reporting strategies and have elected to move away from the GRI Standards used in previous years in order to streamline our reporting and focus on our most material topics.

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