Focusing on Safety

We design places that have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of their users. From the ground up, our developments prioritise the health and safety of everyone who uses them, and that starts with the health and safety of our workforce and contractors. We carry out health and safety assessments on 100% of our activities and assets, and continuously seek improvements in areas that require them. We did not have any incidents of non-compliance with health and safety regulations in 2019. 

In 2019, we achieved 1 million hours worked without a serious work-related injury on all large-scale projects.

Canary Wharf Contractors

Health and safety is always our highest priority. We take the utmost care to protect our workforce and we have maintained an excellent safety record. In 2019, we had 13 reportable incidents (2018:14) and maintained an accident frequency rate of 0.14 (2018:0.14). This consistently low accident frequency rate, the lowest the company has ever achieved, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams and the high standards we deliver across all of our projects.

In 2019 we held two leadership seminars attended by trade contractors, consultants, designers and staff. The seminars brought in motivational speakers including England rugby superstar Maggie Alphonsi MBE to talk about their leadership experiences. Each of these seminars places an emphasis on safety and risk management and provided valuable insights for managing risk in large teams.

Canary Wharf Management

On our Estate, as on our construction projects, health and safety is our top priority. We work closely with our building tenants to take a collaborative approach to health and safety, ensuring everyone is working together towards a common goal. In 2019, we trained 767 tenants and held four tenant health and safety forums.

We launched our ‘Safety 365’ campaign in 2019, aimed at providing staff with safety skills they can use both at work and at home. This includes regular training and workshops, including three topic-specific first aid training sessions in 2019. We also launched an emergency marshal role for CWG for which we won two awards at the Safety & Security Excellence Awards 2019 and began working with tenants to coordinate emergency dispersal strategies for their buildings and organisations. In 2019 we had 55 staff accidents or incidents (2018: 60) and 291 visitor accidents or incidents (2018:265).

Ensuring a consistently high standard of health and safety requires collaboration with all the contractors who work on our projects. In 2019, we published a Contractor Handbook and published it on our e-permit system where it can be easily accessed and used for reference. We also saw a consistently high rate of over 90% of our contractors registered on the SafeContractor Scheme.

Canary Wharf Management successfully achieved a RoSPA Gold Award for the seventh consecutive year in 2019

Time To…

We believe the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce is paramount. In 2019, we launched ‘Time To…’, a wellbeing campaign that focuses on individuals’ physical and mental wellbeing. Each month, specific topics are highlighted to help our staff achieve their potential and create a sense of fulfilment. There is a dedicated ‘Time To…’ page on the internal network which sets out to empower staff to seek help when they need it and support them to develop skills that equip them not only for work, but for life.

In 2018 we established a Mental Health First Aid network, which includes over 40 mental health first aiders from across the business. These individuals have been trained to offer first line help for mental health issues and to ensure follow-up, making sure each of our 1,309 employees has access to the support they need. Mental health first aiders are easily identifiable with blue lanyards and white hard hats, so they are accessible when needed.

Walk to Work Day

On Friday 5th April 2019, 27 CWG employees swapped trains and buses for trainers as they participated in Walk to Work Day, an event aimed at encouraging people to get out more…

On Friday 5th April 2019, 27 CWG employees swapped trains and buses for trainers as they participated in Walk to Work Day, an event aimed at encouraging people to get out more and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of walking. Brian De’ath, Director of Residential Sales, had the longest journey, setting out from his home in Bishop’s Stortford at midnight and walking for a total of nine hours.

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